The cost of the harp itself is 10 times the cost of most instruments. ~ $25,000.00
Average annual maintenance costs are ~ $1000.00

Freelance Harpist
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Song List
Sheet Music/Recordings
Client Comments
Sheet Music/Recordings
Song List
Client Comments
Please contact Raelyn at (503)799-3186 or for rate information
All dates are booked on a first-come first-served basis and are held with a 50% non-refundable deposit. No dates will be held without a signed contract and deposit.

• Travel charges for locations outside the Portland, OR metro area
• Song requests for which I do not own the music: publisher's price plus shipping (if applicable)
• Parking in downtown locations
Lower rates can be negotiated for multiple bookings or regular monthly/weekly performances
How much does the harp cost?
Who makes my harp?
Salvi Harps - An Italian based company in Marquisate of Saluzzo. For a more detailed history of Salvi harps, please go to the Resources page.

What kind of wood is used?
Fiemme Valley Red Spruce is used on the soundboard. Spruce is hand-selected from the tone-rich forests of Europe, the same forests from which the world's greatest violins have been produced, and solid White Maple from the lush forests of Upper Michigan is chosen for its stability and resilience.
How many strings?
Different harps have different quantity of strings depending on size. This is a concert/full sized harp
Frequently Asked questions
Yes. I will make my best effort to learn new songs for your event that you request. I generally need a minimum of two weeks to aquire the music and learn a new song but if the song(s) is more difficult it may take more time. The more time you can allow, the better. Not all songs work well on the harp. I would be happy to give you a consultation on what will or will not work in the time I have.
Will I play songs not on my list or special requests?
Additional charges may include:
Do I write my own music?
Yes. I have written many songs for harp. My music often blends folk, jazz, new age, and pop styles. I am passionate about expanding harp repertoire in a modern way. My CD- Archipelago (available on is all my own songs. I also have some of them written out in sheet music form available on A few newer songs can be heard on www.myspace/raelynolson.
Will I perform with other musicians?
Yes. I usually perform solo but I am willing to contact and rehearse with other musicians as long as there is enough time allowed. I am also willing to work with other musicians that you select.
What is the harp size and weight?

The harp is large(6ft) and heavy(87lbs)